Settings- Module: Availability management Anchor (Quota Management)

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“Advanced availability management” (“setting quotas”) makes it possible to adjust the maximum number of participants for each individual date instead of just globally for each Experience. After activating this, you can also release separate place quotas by portal (for example so that you can, for instance, sell more places through your website than through These instructions give a summary of this function.

Activation of Availability management Anchor

After login at you can activate this function for your bookingkit access under item “Settings” “Module”  “Quota management”. 

Management of availability for an individual date

When you call up a booking in the calendar, you can now increase or decrease the maximum number of participants per date. For instance, the number of places can also be set to 0 at this point.
Difference between Number of places 0 and   

 This is where all Experiences on this date can be deleted.
Reduce number of places to 0. Individual Experiences can be marked temporarily as not bookable on certain dates, and therefore will not appear on your website.

By clicking on the Experience you can set how many places you want to be made available through which channels individually for the respective date. Let’s look at the example of a cookery course with 10 places in total: 5 places through our marketing partner and 5 places through your own website. At this point, only the marketing channels which have been activated under “Marketing” “Platforms” will be shown. This setting only applies to an individual date for the respective Experience. 

Management of availability for a series of dates

Under “Experiences”, by calling up an Experience you can allocate quotas for individual marketing channels e.g. At this point, only the marketing channels which have been activated under “Marketing” “Platforms” will be shown. This setting applies to all dates for the respective Experience.

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