Calendar: Monthly View

last updated: 04.10.2018, 13:10 Uhr
The calendar helps you keep track of your tours and activities.There are two basic viewing modes which you can choose between:

Monthly view

In this view, each day displays the total number of participants for all tours and activities.A heatmap is used to show you which days are "hot" (busy) and which days still have plenty of space available for participants. Each day can be highlighted with one of the following colors:
  • White: no bookings on this day
  • Light yellow: at least 1 booking
  • Orange: medium capacity usage (based on all available appointments)
  • Dark red: the day with the most participants in a given month
Tip: Uncheck the box "Erlebnisse ohne Teilnehmer anzeigen" to hide all tour and activity dates with no participants. Furthermore you are also able to filte your calendar in relation to your experiences (A).

Clicking on a date opens all tours and activities taking place on that overview

Each activity displays the number of booked participants, the maximum number of participants and the total amount of sales for the day. If "Kontingentierung" mode is activated, you can increase or decrease the total number of participants for individual activities by using the + and - buttons. Clicking the tour or activity title, or the arrow to the far right, takes you to the activity detail page for that appointment.event date view

The following options are available on activity detail pages:
  •  Send an email to all participants of an appoitment. This can be very helpful if there sudden changes in your itinerary occur. 
  •  Create a PDF list with all information about the event, participants and payment status.
  •  Need to postpone an appointment because of illness or bad weather?Use this feature to reschedule the activity along with all associated bookings. An email will automatically be sent to all participants to inform them of the changes.
  •  This feature lets you cancel all available bookings for the appointment in question and, if needed, delete the appointment itself to prevent any new bookings from being placed. You can also designate if and how refunds are to be issued. An email will be sent to all participants to inform them of the changes. "Order" section: This section of the activity detail page provides you with the booking code for each booking, information about participants, the price tier selected and the method of payment used. You can also export invoices as PDFs, edit bookings and set the payment status to "paid" on bookings for which payment is to be made in cash.
  •  With this button, you can manually create bookings for customers who prefer to book outside of the bookingkit system (e.g. by email or over the phone).

Tip: In the activity detail page, you can individually remove participants from bookings by clicking the red X to the far right of each entry.

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