WIX website integration

last updated: 31.07.2018, 13:07 Uhr
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WIX website integration in 4 easy steps
·         Log in to your WIX account at http://www.wix.com and navigate to the page you want to add your tours and activities to.
Step 1
Click "+ Hinzufügen"
Step 2
Then go to "Apps".
Step 3
Click "HTML" and select the area where you would like to display your bookingkit content. Be sure to make the area big enough so that you don't end up with double scrollbars on your page. Under "Modus", select "HTML-Code".
Step 4
·         Copy the two lines of HTML code from your bookingkit account under "Vermarktung" > "Eigene Webseite" and paste them here.
Click "Aktualisieren" to save your changes. Your tours and activities will now be automatically added to your website and made available for online booking.

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