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last updated: 17.02.2017, 16:02 Uhr

Before you connect to the website, would you like to change a colour? Please follow these steps...

Log in to 1&1 MyWebsite Baukasten (building kit) with your access data. Go to the place where bookingkit is to be integrated into your website.

150714-JS-Einbindung-mit-1und1_2.png (1280×878)
Click on “Add Items”. Then selection the option “Widget / HTML” and drag it to the desired place:

150714-JS-Einbindung-mit-1und1_2.png (1280×878)

You can now add the two-digit code which you will find in the bookingkit App in the “Marketing” tab under “My website”. You can simply copy the code from there.

NB: In the example of “Photo School Germany”, the Experiences are integrated individually. You can of course also integrate the whole bookingkit interface into your 1&1 MyWebsite.

You simply add the code to the Widget box, and bookingkit is integrated into your website straight away!

150714-JS-Einbindung-mit-1und1_4.png (1277×859)
Taking the example of the “Photo School Germany”, this is what it looks like :

150714-JS Einbindung mit 1und1_5
In some case, when integrating with 1&1, it can occur that bookingkit is not visible on mobile terminals. Because of a setting in your 1&1 account, non-optimised content like the HTML widget and some Apps are automatically hidden on mobile equipment. To help resolve this, you simply need to search for the following option in your website settings: “How do you want your website to appear on Smartphones and Tablets?” Untick the box under “Settings >> Mobile Website” and this should then adjust the view for mobile equipment.

If you have any further questions on integrating with 1&1 MyWebsite, do not hesitate to contact us.  

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