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last updated: 13.06.2018, 14:06 Uhr
bookingkit is proud to offer marketing for your events on GetYourGuide. GetYourGuide offers the world's largest selection of events and stands for professionalism and top-notch service. Take advantage of the large reach of GetYourGuide and increase your sales!
  1. How do I activate bookingkit?
  2. GetYourGuide Supplier Reference Code
  3. GetYourGuide Tour Option IDs
  4. Nice to know

How do I activate GetYourGuide in bookingkit?

By having an account on GetYourGuide as well as on bookingkit, you can create a "Book now" button on GetYourGuide. All bookings made on GetYourGuide will then conveniently be transferred to bookingkit. 

You don't have a GetYourGuide Account yet? Register here: GetYourGuide Supplier Administration

To connect with GetYourGuide, first click "Enable" in your bookingkit app under the Marketing tab for GetYourGuide:

Once enabled, the popup below will appear asking for your Supplier Reference Number and Tour Option IDs (Scroll down for instruction where to find these). 
Please note: The field provided in bookingkit only accepts numeric values!

I don't have a GYG Account yet I already have a GYG account
1. Register with GYG as a supplier 1. Make sure you have created your experiences in GYG and bookingkit
2. Create your experiences in GYG 2. Connect your bookingkit and GYG Account by adding your Supplier Reference Number and your Tour Option IDs to bookingkit
3. Connect your bookingkit and GYG Account by adding your Supplier Reference Number and your Tour Option IDs to bookingkit  

Since connecting to GetYourGuide does not involve full integration, every event has to be created individually, you cannot transfer events from the bookingkit app. However, GetYourGuide has a useful knowledge base which provides detailed information on the various steps for creating an event. 

Supplier Reference Code

You can find your Supplier Reference Code easily in your GetYourGuide Backend in the upper display bar or under Settings > User Account: 

GetYourGuide Tour Option IDs

You can find your GetYourGuide Tor Option IDs under Products > Manage products > Edit Details > Options & Pricing.

Pleas note: Every experience has its own Tour Option ID - in order to smoothly transfer your availabilities you have to insert all Tour Option IDs into the bookingkit backend. 

Nice to know 
  • It is up to you if you want to set different prices in GetYourGuide than in bookingkit and you can make these changes directly in your GetYourGuide account.
  • GetYourGuide will take it in account, if you have already negotiated a lower commission with them. 
  • GetYourGuide accepty a maximum cut-off time (booking lead time) of 10 hours. If you have set a higher amount your experience won't be displayed in GetYourGuide. You can individually set the cut-off time in GetYourGuide. Log in to your account and open a product, go to the 'Options & Pricing' section. Expand an option and scroll down to 'Booking Engine & Cut-off time. Click on edit and select a cut-off time between 0 and 10 hours. 
  • You have the opportunity to sell a limited amount of places on GetYourGuide by activating the module Quota Management. You can find a tutorial here. 

Who can I contact in case I need help?

You can contact GetYourGuide here. Of course, you can also contact us at at any time.


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