Conversion tracking with bookingkit

last updated: 08.08.2017, 10:08 Uhr
This guide provides an overview of the possibilities with bookingkit for tracking purchases made through your website. An overview of the different tracking methods can be found in this Support article.

Conversion tracking with bookingkit


Conversions are tracked by HTML code on the booking confirmation page. In order to use the HTML code tracking, bookingkit must be integrated into your website. bookingkit provides you with the technical requirements for conversation tracking. Tracking itself can be performed with any external tracking service, such as Google Analytics, eTracker or other similar services. bookingkit does not save or process any conversion data.

Creating HTML code for conversion tracking

Depending on the tracking service used, you may need to use different tracking code. For help generating the correct code, please contact your tracking provider.
The tracking code for tracking conversions can be integrated under Marketing -> My Website -> Configuration of checkout tracking services. If you do not see these options, you must first activate the Options for web developers module.

Adapting the HTML code (variables)

You can enhance the conversion code with dynamic data provided by bookingkit. The data fields are represented by the placeholder [VARIABLE]. You can use the following placeholders:

place holder description example
[TRANSACTION-TOTAL] cart turnover: sum of order after applied discounts and vouchers, (amount the end consumer pays via online payment or cash on site) 99.99
[TRANSACTION-ID] transaction-identifier: unique ID to identify transaction 0d44f361ca4b2d0820ba28eac7d36ebb

Please note that bookingkit does not allow shopping carts and thus only one "product" is sold in accordance with the event sold. The value of the product corresponds to the transaction value.

A detailed description for you webmaster is just one click away.

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