You need to make a refund? Why refunding with a voucher is the best option.

last updated: 16.06.2017, 13:06 Uhr

Issue a voucher when an appointment is cancelled and ensure continued customer loyalty!

Even the most reliable providers of leisure activities can't always avoid cancelling an existing appointment that already has bookings. In your terms and conditions, you can define the scope of refunds for your customers (e.g. complete or partial refund). Transactions that have already been completed must then be reversed. Your customer is not automatically notified of an alternate date along with the refund. You therefore risk losing your customer's loyalty. bookingkit recommends that you ensure their loyalty by issuing vouchers in the case of a cancellation. This increases the likelihood that your customer will book again with you in the future and not with your competition. A real win-win situation!

This is how you do it:

  1. Cancel order 
  2. Select Refund with a voucher
  3. Confirm cancellation 


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