Want to make bookingkit's colors match your website before integrating? Click here!

Joomla integration in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Log in to your Joomla back end. Then click "Inhalt" followed by "Beitrage" to navigate to the page you want to add bookingkit to.

Step 2

Copy the two lines of HTML code from your bookingkit account under "Vermarktung" --> "Eigene Webseite" and paste them into the HTML field here.

Step 3

Note: When integrating bookingkit into your website, you can choose to either display all your tours and activities in a single overview page or create an individual page for each activity. In the example shown here, all tours and activities are integrated separately. The customer has also modified CSS elements in order to change the colors of the bookingkit interface to match those of his or her website.

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