Your first steps with bookingkit

1. Complete profile

Enter important information such as your company name, logo, contact and billing details as well as your T&Cs and legal note.

2. Create Experience

Create your experiences with a description, images and YouTube videos, price categories and information about the location, date and time of your event

3. Enter billing information

Define the layout and additional information on your invoices that will be sent to your customers automatically via email when they make a booking.
Quick tip: If you use your own invoicing program then we can deactivate the automatic sending of invoices. Please send a short email to service@bookingkit for this.

4. Go live with experiences online

Change the colour scheme and integrate Experiences into your website. Our guides for website integration will show you how simple it is.


When you’re logged on to bookingkit you can contact our service team at any time via the “Send feedback” form on the right-hand side. If you have any questions or problems regarding bookingkit then we shall be happy to help you.

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