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 bookingkit can be easily integrated into your existing WordPress website's HTML code as your own personal booking system. However, if you're looking for a more comprehensive experience, you can add our widget to your website by means of our plug-in. Follow the steps below to add your tours and activities to your website and turn curious visitors into paying customers!

Full integration in just 5 steps

Step 1
 Log in to your WordPress account and click on Plugins (1) and Installieren (2) to connect a new plug-in to your WordPress account. Alternatively, you can upload the plug-in file to the following directory: /wp-content/plugins/bookingkit.
 Step 2
 Search for the bookingkit plug-in (3) and install the file (4).
 Step 3
 Safety first! Enter the web server information to complete the installation.
 Step 4
 Copy the HTML code located under Vermarktung > Eigene Webseite in your bookingkit account. (1) and paste it into WordPress under Einstellungen > bookingkit.
 Step 5
 Open the page or post you want to add bookingkit to. Then click on "Aktiv" in the bookingkit box (at the bottom of the page) to display your tours and activities on your WordPress site.
 Tip: If you would like to add your tours and activities to the middle of a web page instead of the end, simply add [bookingkit] to the desired position.
 If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with as at service@bookingkit.de!

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