From now on you can improve even more your customer loyalty and encourage your customers to book again. In the following part, we will explain where you need to pay attention and what extreme advantage you will have. Activate After Sales E-Mails  Under “customer emails” in settings → Email configuration activate with one click your After Sales email (1). (If it’s the first activation you need to configure the content of the email (2) and then activate the emails in (1)).

When you click on the symbol of the pen, you can edit the content as you prefer and for example send a coupon (see below). You can use place holders to personalize the email (4) and also chose when the email should be sent (6).

Important: Please pay attention that the email is correctly set up which you can check in the preview (3 & 5). On top of that you can send a testmail (7) which will be sent to the email address in your bookingkit account to have a final check. After this you can save it and activate finally the after sales email. But why should I do marketing after a booking already took place? After sales marketing is a very important and valuable tool in eCommerce to enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction as well as increase revenue and popularity of your company. Additionally, this will help that the customer remembers your name. Normally when a customer books via a platform, he will rather remember the platform than your company but with the after sales email you can change this.

How should an after sales email look like?

  • Send the customer a coupon-code so that they will book again
  • Ask for feedback and suggestions for improvements to avoid unhappy customers
  • Ask for reviews on Facebook, TripAdvisor, etc. to get a higher ranking on the platforms
  • Let them know about special events and use the cross-selling potential for other events!

Finally, here are some tips for our marketing pros:

  • Use the place holder to personalize the mail
  • Make use of a call to action, e.g. use the voucher code XYZ for the next booking
  • With the post-script you will get the final attention
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