d) Promotional Coupons

bookingkit generally distinguishes between the following types of bookings in the "Bestellungen" area of the program:

  • a) Requests (non-binding requests for appointments that, upon confirmation, lead to a booking)
  • b) Orders (binding bookings)
  • c) Vouchers (Wertgutscheine can be redeemed on tours and activities at a later point in time and are used as a payment method)
  • d) Promotional Coupons (Coupons are valid within the period of a given sale or promotion, such as a newsletter promotion or a seasonal promotion (Christmas coupons), and can be created as often as you like during that period. Both fixed value and percentage discounts are available.)

 What are promotional vouchers?
 Perhaps you would like to offer your customers 10% off their next booking, for instance through our After Sales email? Would you like to aim your experiences at a new target group and increase their appeal by offering a discount voucher? Perhaps you would like to push days with low turnover by offering coupons? You can easily do all that with bookingkit. The benefits are obvious. Our promotional vouchers can help you significantly increase your sales potential further, and optimise your business.
 How do I set up promotional vouchers?
 Under 'Orders' > 'Promotional vouchers' you will get a summary of all the promotional vouchers you have used previously. You can of course opt for a filter between active and inactive vouchers, for instance lapsed vouchers (2). If you want to set up a new promotional voucher, just click on the corresponding button (1).

 We explain to you below step-by-step everything you need to know to set up a promotional voucher:

  1. Enter the title and voucher code. Important: the code must contain at least five characters.
  2. Next decide whether your voucher is to be for an absolute amount (e.g. 5 euro) or a relative one (e.g. 5%).
  3. At this point you will see directly the experiences for which your promotional voucher is valid and, if you have set it up accordingly, on which days of the week (see fourth point).
  4. You can then limit your promotional voucher to a particular period for your experiences (e.g. voucher valid for all experiences which take place in August). You can also restrict the validity of the voucher to selected experiences or particular days of the week if you wish.
  5. Set the validity of the voucher for a particular order period (e.g. 10% discount on all bookings made in August).
  6. And you can of course limit your promotional voucher by setting a top budget limit or limiting the number of discounts offered. If you set a limit, you can also obtain information by email as soon as the voucher offer has been used up.
  7. Finally, just click on 'Create'.

 Our tutorial summarizes all important steps:

Deleting Promotional Coupons

bookingkit gives you the option of canceling existing Promotional Coupons. To do this, simply click the red X next to the Promotional Coupon in the coupon overview.

Reactivating Promotional Coupons
 Incidentally, you can also reactivate expired coupons. To do this, go to the Inactive Coupons and click the pencil icon. After that you have of course one again the opportunity to configure the action coupon.

 If you have any other questions, have a look at our other coupon help articles here in the knowledge database. Or get in touch with our service team. They'll be more than happy to help.

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