Guarantee that our bookingkit emails are safely received

In order to ensure that you receive important automated bookingkit emails, such as booking confirmations, our service provider uses a proven method of changing IP addresses. This allows us to minimize the number of emails intercepted by spam filters to 1%. By adjusting your local settings, you can also help make sure that you as a provider successful receive emails.
Generally, it is possible to "white list" IPs. Since emails from bookingkit, however, are sent from several changing IP addresses, this solution is not ideal. It would require you to invest much effort and perform regular updates. Changing IP addresses are not communicated for functional reasons.

Nevertheless, white listing can be a useful way to ensure that emails are delivered. Your domain searches for the latest IP information by entering in the TXT record. For Mac and Linux, the information can be requested with the command dig TXT

In this manner, the information is updated simultaneously with the changing IP addresses. When using this method, bookingkit recommends regularly reviewing the stored IP addresses. For questions, please contact your system administrator.

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