Using the navigation button you can create an export within the desired period:

You can also create an export under Billing:

What is the difference between the exports?

In the statistics-export you will find all your orders sorted by booking date. This also means that orders using PayPal and “pay on site” payment methods can be shown. This export function enables you to have an overview of all your orders.

In the billing-export you will find the payments which have been made into your trustee account. This means that payments using PayPal and “pay on site” will not be shown there (PayPal payments go direct into your PayPal account).

Another reason for the differences is the payment methods “pay against invoice” and “direct debit”, as with these payment methods, payments are made later than the booking date.

Refunds are also shown in the trustee account, and not in Order Export, as the refunds either come out of the trustee or PayPal accounts.

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