Nothing could be simpler! Simply activate the PayPal payment method and call up the Preview view of your completed experiences in the bookingkit web app at (This works using the green “Preview” button).

You can now browse the order process from the perspective of your end customer to see at what points anything may need to be optimised. Simply enter your name and email address, and at the last step enter PayPal as the payment method. After logging into your PayPal account, you can now trigger payment and will receive the booking confirmation etc. afterwards by email.

The benefit of this: Only by using the PayPal method of payment do you get the full transaction charge back from PayPal when you cancel your test booking in bookingkit, in addition to the bookingkit booking fee of 0.50 Euros per participant. You can also find out more about “Reimbursement of charges on cancellation” in this article.

NB: No distinction is made between actual orders and test orders in our monthly billing run. So when your tests have been completed, do remember also to cancel your test orders again.

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