how do you handle this problem as best you can in bookingkit? We recommend the following three methods:

  • Cancel the incorrect order and create the corresponding partial cash refund. You can then book the customer in manually via your bookingkit account.
  • Cancel the incorrect order and create the corresponding partial refund in the form of a value voucher. The customer can then book himself in again online, and pay with the value voucher.
  • If the customer has chosen the right price level, but the wrong date, you can simply re-book him. Just call up the relevant order in your bookingkit account, and click on the “Re-book” button. Then select the new date manually. (Your customer will automatically receive an email with information on the new date)

If you would like to rebook your customer into a different Experience, that is of course possible too. Select the corresponding order and click on “Edit”. After this, you can simply add a new booking to the order and click on “Save”. Finally, simply cancel the lapsed booking and, if applicable, reimburse part of the order by voucher or cash refund.

And by the way, whilst we’re on the subject of refunds: do you know why we recommend giving refunds via a value voucher in most cases?

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