Our Sport & Wellness customers often ask what opportunities there are to manage sales of books of 10 tickets. When the customer books the 1st date, he acquires a book of 10 tickets, which he uses to pay when booking the next 9 dates. The pre-condition is that a price level for 10 bookings must be set up within the respective Experience.

In all cases it works like this:

  1. the end customer books a book of 10 tickets and fixes the date of the 1st booking with binding effect when he sets this up. 
  2. You as the supplier will be informed about the new booking by the end customer and under “Orders” -> “Vouchers” will create a voucher to the value of 9 booking dates. Example: The price for a book of 10 tickets is 250 Euros (25 Euros per booking date). 1 ticket for the 1st date was already validated at the time of booking, so it must be possible for a further 9 dates (= 225 Euros) to be paid for with the voucher you have created. 
  3. The customer will book all the subsequent dates online and will pay directly with the voucher code you have created. At the time of each booking, the amount for the event will be deducted from the voucher value of the book of 10 tickets, until after 9 booking dates it is no longer possible to redeem the voucher code, as the voucher value is now 0 Euros.

Which means: the customer paid for the book of 10 tickets at the time of the 1st booking date, and can then simply book all the other 9 dates online. You don’t have to pay attention to whether anyone has exceeded their quota, as dates booked are in all cases subject to payment using the voucher code you have created. Our Service Team will be happy to help you set up the value voucher the first time you get a booking for a book of 10 tickets.

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