As one of the leading software solutions for leisure providers, we develop new features every day and are working hard to continually improve bookingkit. Unfortunately, errors sometimes occur in our software. We kindly ask you to forward us any issues you encounter so that we can examine the error and resolve it as soon as possible. To do this, use the "Report Feedback" form on the right side in your bookingkit account or send us an email at

In order to resolve the error as soon as possible, we ask that you take the following questions into account when reporting an issue:

  1. What exactly happened?
  2. When and where did the error occur?
  3. What was affected by the error? Does the error affect my customers or only my account?
  4. Does an error message appear?
  5. Please try to describe what you were doing and what you clicked on when the error occurred.
  6. Add screenshots of the error to your email.
  7. Please try to describe the problem in a simple and factual manner.

We assign an internal reference to every error, which our specialized developers use when working on the issue. We prioritize errors internally and process and resolve them in this order. We thank you for your understanding. Feel free to inquire about the status of an error at any time and also ask us to prioritize your issue. Just send an email to

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