is one of the leading platforms for gifts and experiences in Europe. Geschenkidee now markets exclusive offers of experiences successfully in more than thirteen countries. You can take advantage of the extensive reach of today, and increase your turnover accordingly. Don’t forget that you will naturally benefit from the extremely attractive bookingkit conditions at Geschenkidee!

  1. How do I activate Geschenkidee in bookingkit?
  2. Here’s something worth knowing
  3. Who should I contact?

How do I activate Geschenkidee in bookingkit?

After logging in, under simply call up the summary of our various marketing partners under Marketing > Platforms and click on Activate for Geschenkidee.

Something worth knowing

When you link to Geschenkidee, you will be fully integrated with it. This means that your bookingkit dates and availability data will be easily transferred automatically, and constantly synchronised and updated. You can of course decide for yourself about the quota to be marketed in this case also. Our guidelines will explain how simple and easy this is to do.

Payment for the respective orders is made into your trustee account directly after the order is placed. Did you know, by the way, that in the event of a cancellation, as a gesture of goodwill the commission fee owing to Geschenkidee will not be charged?

Your customers can redeem their vouchers acquired from Geschenkidee at any time at

Who should I contact?

You can contact the staff at Geschenkidee on or by telephone: +4930 403660101. And of course you are also welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

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