With bookingkit you are able to market your experiences via Musement - a digital, multi-platform booking service that allows travelers to find and book activities, guided tours, tickets to museums and attractions, city passes and much more around the world. Musement offers tours and activities in 60 countries and is available in seven languages to the end customer. Activate Musement now to ensure a wider reach and increase your sales.

How do I activate Musement in bookingkit?

Simply log into your bookingkit account under Marketing > Platforms and click on “activate”. Confirm the activation in the pop-up window.

Musement will contact you within 48 hours after activation to negotiate the commission. In order to transfer your experiences and availabilities to Musement, you need an account there. You can register here: https://business.musement.com/register

As soon as you have agreed on a commission and your account is active, both accounts will be synchronized and you will be able to see and manage bookings via Musement in your bookingkit account.

Nice to know:

The connection with Musement is a full integration. That means your bookingkit appointments will automatically be transferred and synchronized with the platform
It is possible to limit the number of tickets you sell via Musement. In order to manage your quotas you have to activate the module Quota Management. Here is a tutorial.

Note: The final decision as to which experiences are published is the responsibility of Musement. Usually all providers are being accepted.

Who can I contact in case I need help?

You can contact Musement at partners@musement.com or by telephone on +39 0245386900. Of course, you can also contact us at service@bookingkit.de at any time.

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