bookingkit offers you the opportunity to have your experiences marketed on Germany’s largest comparison portal for experience gifts. lists up to 50,000 experiences on its independent comparison platform. Take advantage of this immense reach by activating in bookingkit today.

How do I activate in bookingkit?

Log into your bookingkit account under Marketing > Platforms and click on the green Activate button. Your experiences will be linked straight away to

Nice to know:

The connection with is a full integration. That means your bookingkit appointments will automatically be transferred and synchronized with the platform
It is possible to limit the number of tickets you sell via In order to manage your quotas you have to activate the module Quota Management. Here is a tutorial.

Note: The final decision as to which experiences are published is the responsibility of Usually all providers are being accepted. 

Who should I contact?

You can contact our colleagues at at and on tel. no. +4930 544 459 44. And of course we are also available for you to contact at any time at

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