bookingkit allows you to market your offer through Viator (TripAdvisor). Viator is an event-marketing portal from TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel website. Become part of this huge community and easily market your offers on your TripAdvisor review page via Viator.

  • Benefit from 350 million monthly visitors on TripAdvisor & Viator!
  • Enjoy marketing from more than 3,000 affiliate websites
  • Enable bookings for your events from 175,000 affiliated travel agents
  • Commission on negotiation basis – No transaction fees for online payments, since it is processed by Viator. (The bookingkit booking fee of €0.50 per participant also applies to bookings made via Viator.)

How do I activate Viator in bookingkit?

By having a Viator account as well as a bookingkit account, you can set up a "Book now" button on TripAdvisor. All bookings made on Viator or TripAdvisor will conveniently be transferred to bookingkit. To connect Viator and thus TripAdvisor, go into your bookingkit backend to Marketing > Platforms > Viator and click "Activate"

In addition to your TripAdvisor account, you also need a Viator account. You can register with Viator as a supplier here.

Note: We strongly recommend the registration with TripAdvisor before connecting to Viator: If you don't have a TripAdvisor account yet, you can create one here.

Once you have registered with Viator as a supplier, you can create events in Viator. Since the connection to Viator is a partial integration, every event must be created individually, you cannot transfer events from bookingkit to Viator.

>>IMPORTANT: Your experiences in Viator must be clearly attributable to your experiences in bookingkit. It would be best if you use the same title and picture.<<

The descriptions of the events are then reviewed by Viator editors. For marketing purposes, slight changes may be made. After about 7 days, your events will go "live".  

Your appointment definitions in bookingkit will then be transferred and all bookings made via Viator can be managed directly in bookingkit.

Nice to know

The connection with Viator is a partial integration. That means your bookingkit appointments will automatically be transferred and synchronized with Viator. All bookings made on the platform will be transferred and visible in your bookingkit account.

It is possible to limit the number of tickets you sell via Viator. In order to manage your quotas you have to activate the module Quota Management. Here is a tutorial.

Note: The final decision as to which experiences are published is the responsibility of Viator. Usually all providers are being accepted.
Who can I contact?

Who can I contact?

You can contact Viator over their contact formula or at +49800 184 4973.

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