With bookingkit you have the option of marketing your offers and Experiences through our prestigious partners and marketing platforms.Why use marketing platforms at all?How do i activate marketing platforms?How can i adjust quotas and capacity?Quick tips

Why use marketing platforms at all?

Do you have any dates with low uptake, are you thinking of creating a new Experience or launching a new promotion? Use the reach and degree of recognition enjoyed by our marketing networks to increase your turnover and reach new customers!

How do I activate marketing platforms?

Simply log into your bookingkit account and call up “Marketing > Platforms”. All our partners are listed there. Now click on “Activate” - further steps may be required. Now follow the guidelines for activating the platforms

And by the way: you can activate our prestigious premium partners up to a freely selectable commission limit in one go. For practical purposes, this will also apply to all platforms which we take into our portfolio in future. You can find out more about this here. 

How can I adjust quotas and capacity?

You can of course adjust the number of places which you want to market through the respective platforms. Once globally at Experience level, or of course individually at date level. You can find out everything worth knowing about this in the accompanying guidelines.

Quick tips

Quick tip 1: You also have the opportunity of setting up separate contents for your Experiences. So in the same Experience you can set up one version for your own website and one version for your marketing platforms. More info here.Quick tip 2: Use customer loyalty marketing, and contact your customers direct with an after-sales email. This will make sure that your customers remember you, and not only the name of the platform on which they booked. Find out here how you can use customer loyalty marketing! Any other questions? No problem - just send us an email at service@bookingkit.de.

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