Cumulative marketing power with bookingkit

Would you like to extend the reach of your Experience offers, or to generate additional income really easily? It’s child’s play with our new marketing recommendation! Find out what it’s all about here, and how you can spruce up your business in just a few easy steps:

Please note that this function only works with bookingkit 2.0!

1. Market local Experiences?

bookingkit offers you the opportunity to use our vast and wide-ranging repertoire of providers to generate additional income and synergies very easily.

The idea is simple: if you offer guided city tours of Berlin, for instance, you can offer your customers the opportunity to book additional Experiences, such as a ride in the famous “World Balloon”. And conversely, you can of course have your activities marketed by other Experience providers. Mutual benefits - and perfectly in tune with todays’ philosophy: Think global, act local! 

2. Hard Facts

  • Earn 7% commission for every additional Experience sold run by another provider, without having to do anything! 
  • Generate additional bookings and gain a new customer base by allowing your activities to be marketed by “friend” providers. 
  • You can view Experiences and possible partners within a radius of 30 km. 
  • The Experiences to be marketed will be displayed in the Checkout on the Thank you page, in the confirmation email and in the Summary of order (max. three Experiences - selected randomly).
  • Optional: you can also allow the additional Experiences to be displayed directly in the Widget summary in the frontend (max. three Experiences - selected randomly).


3. How it works

Activate our marketing network:

If you haven’t already done so, under Marketing > Platformsactivate the bookingkit marketing network. Alternatively you can also do this directly under Marketing > Market local Experiences:

And by the way: If you only wish only to market the activities of other providers, you do not need to activate our marketing network. In this case, however, you cannot be listed on our other partners’ sites.

Choose the Experiences you would like to market as extras:

Under Marketing > Local Experiences you can choose various partners within a radius of 30 km from the bookingkit list, and these will then be displayed to your end customers in the checkout, the order confirmation and the order summary:

Manage your catalogue of Experiences:

The Experiences you selected for marketing previously will be displayed in the catalogue of Experiences. You can, of course, deactivate individual Experiences and the whole catalogue of Experiences at any time.

4. Here’s something worth knowing

What happens if I receive a new booking from a partner in the bookingkit list?

The booking is handled just like an order through our marketing platforms. Instead of the transaction fees, you just pay a modest 10% commission. The booking also appears quite normally in your bookingkit account, identified accordingly as having come from the marketing network (Channel: Marketing network).

Can I control the allocation to be potentially used by other providers?

Yes you can. Use our Allocation tool to specify how many places can be taken up, by Experience and by date. The appropriate channel is our Marketing network.

Can I also search for other providers or Experiences?

Of course, no problem. Simply search for a key word, Experience or provider name in the search bar:

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