With our today’s release, we are improving the view of your backend of your experiences. But we didn’t only improve the design but also the functions: You can now sort according to categories and filter according to active and inactive experiences:

  1. Overview Experiences
  2. Editing an experience/ adding a new experience
  3. Interesting Facts

Experience overview

  1. Filter according to categories; when you add a new experience, you can assign a category which is helping our marketing platforms to categorize your offers
  2. You can filter here according to active and inactive experiences
  3. Here you can have a preview of your experience
  4. Copy an experience
  5. Here you can edit the experiences as usually
  6. This button is new and allows you to change directly prices, for example new prices for your customers
  7. Here you can deactivate an experience
  8. You can add new appointments here

Editing an experience/Adding a new experience

When you edit an experience, there are two subitems: In general details you can edit as usually all relevant information and settings. In price information you can separately change the prices.

Interesting Facts

  • With our module extended price levels, you can offer internal, non-public prices. This way you can easily handle business customer bookings
  • Did you know that you can also have different prices for different appointments with our module flexible prices?
  • Do you know our function minimum participants?
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