Why not change to bookingkit 2.0 and convert even more of the visitors to your website into paying customers? We have been working day and night on our widget and checkout, and are really pleased to be able to offer you an even more modern and attractive booking solution. But take a look for yourself: 

  1. List view
  2. Detail view
  3. Checkout
  4. Background
  5. Activate your new bookingkit calendar now!

List view

As you know, you can include individual experiences as well as several experiences combined in a list view. The massive advantage of this is that your customers can immediately see all available slots at a glancefor the relevant date. To do this, simply click on the “Select date” button. This means that your customers no longer have to click painstakingly through all individual experiences. You can present your full offer all at once, and convert even more visitors to your website into paying customers!


Detail view

Our detail view of your experiences also comes in a brand new design. Even more user-friendly, modern and good-looking! We have quite deliberately used a modern, minimalistic design for the widget. This will ensure, amongst other things, that the booking button stands out even more to your customers. And a clear summary of the various payment options is also presented. The special highlights of what you have to offer will be better appreciated by your customers. And booking becomes child’s play!



We have also significantly improved our Checkout, again with the focus particularly on a better user experience. For your customers, the ordering and payment process will immediately be easier.


As the leading booking software for leisure activities in the German-speaking area, we not only offer the best service but we are constantly working on making bookingkit even better. After a long and rigorous test phase, we are finally able to make the new bookingkit calendar available to you. We have carefully checked various versions of it. We have also examined our old widget and old checkout by “eye-tracking”, and compared it with other software providers. bookingkit already comes out better in this respect than competitive solutions - for instance, over 60% of people who tried it out decided on bookingkit rather than the alternatives tested. We have also gained important experience and results from this exercise, enabling us to significantly optimise our booking calendar and take it to a new level.

You can get a few impressions of our study below:




Activate your new bookingkit calendar now!

Simply contact us at service@bookingkit.de and we will switch you over straight away. You too can benefit from our new widget and checkout. Your customers will thank you!

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