In general under the heading “Orders”, a distinction is made between the following types of booking:

a) Requests (non-binding enquiries about dates which when confirmed lead to a booking)
b) Orders(binding bookings)
c) Vouchers (Vouchers can be directly redeemed for an Experience at a later date - and therefore function as a means or payment or cash).
d) Promotional Coupons (promotional vouchers are valid any number of time within a promotion period and can, for instance, be set up for newsletter promotions or seasonal promotions (“Christmas voucher”) - either with fixed or percentage discounts).

b) Orders

For Experiences which are defined as “bookable online”, your end customers can create a binding booking directly via your website. The dates and times available for these are orientated towards the definitions of booking dates you have chosen

In the left-hand column you will find all active orders in a list view. If an order is selected with a click on detailed view, information appears on the Experience booked, the date, status, contact details of the person booking, payment type chosen, channel and any comment on the order in the display which opens. Furthermore you may also filter your bookings, e.g. regarding active or inactive bookings and reservations, payment status or channel.

You have the following options available there:

Bookings_Button_Edit  At this point you can add further participants or bookings to the order, change the price category, grant a discount, offset the amount of the invoice with a voucher or update the contact details of the end customer.


To cancel a booking, you simply have to click the corresponding button. In the next step you may decide whether to issue a refund or not. You may also determine if you want to issue a monetary refund or refund via voucher as well as the ammount of the refund.

Quick tip: Within a booking, you can also cancel individual participants by clicking on “X” without having to cancel the whole bookings. And you have the same refund options available to you.

Change Booking 

If the end customer wants to change the booking he created, you can change the date using this function.

When re-booking dates, you should generally always take the following into account:
a) Would you like to postpone a booking with all the participants included in it? Then complete the following steps: “Orders” -> Call up relevant booking -> 

b) Postpone a date with all the bookings belonging to it: “Calendar” -> Call up relevant date -> 

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