In our latest release from September 2016, we made some fundamental changes and optimized the order/booking overview in bookingkit. What used to be called "bookings" is now called "orders". We also made numerous significant improvements for you!

Optimized display

  • The order details view now displays images of the associated event
  • Cancelled bookings (for the respective orders) now appear in gray in the order and detailed view
  • Voucher orders are now processed as regular orders and are displayed like a normal appointment booking as well as in the order overview
  • The "PDF invoice" and "Send order confirmation" buttons and are now easier to find
  • Gift vouchers and promotional vouchers each have their own tab under the menu item "Orders" (previously called "Bookings")
  • Inactive vouchers (i.e. vouchers that have already been redeemed, canceled or deleted) can now be displayed in addition to active vouchers

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