If you do not know the codes of vouchers and they can only be redeemed by you on site, then we recommend the following when customers purchase one of these voucher codes:

For customers who want to redeem one of these voucher codes with you online, you must create a new price level. It is important to ask your customers to provide you with the voucher code, for example, in the comments. You must then submit the code to the seller of this voucher.

If you prefer to not offer any of your events for €0.00, you can tell your customers to enter a promotional voucher code (generated by you) in order to get a full discount when paying. Your customers must then give you the corresponding voucher (from the external service provider, such as Jochen Schweizer) on site. To find out how to add a note about this to your event bookings, click here.

For further information, take a look at our help articles about vouchers in our knowledge base.

Otherwise, our service team will be happy to assist you.

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