Although each customer can customize the bookingkit app to fit their needs, there are certain settings that are common for all events in your industry. Here, we will provide you with an overview of preferred settings for you to use that we have gained from our experience at bookingkit with providers of teeth bleaching.

  1. Events

·         In bookingkit, events can be either booked directly or a request can be submitted. More information can be found here
·         We recommend enabling the setting “Online booking”
·         For each event, you can define certain highlights. This includes highlights and details of your offers that set your teeth bleaching services apart from your competitors. At the same time, you can provide customers with important information about your event via the note feature. We therefore recommend:
2. Vouchers
·         Price levels of vouchers should be consistent with your other information online. For you, it is clear that
·         Vouchers should correspond to the treatments you offer
·         Gift vouchers have values that correspond to your prices
3. Defining appointments
·         Appointments should be created in a custom manner, depending on the type, design and duration of the event. It may help, however, to
·         Schedule teeth bleaching treatments that take place regularly and several times a day
·         Schedule enough preparation and follow-up time as well as breaks during of the event
·         If you offer more events than you have treatment rooms, make sure that the appointments of the individual events do not overlap. This will help prevent overbooking.
4. Marketing
·         Under the menu item "Marketing" and the "My Website" tab, you can make changes to a number of useful settings. Since it is not important for a participant to see how many spots are available, we recommend deselecting this option.
Important note:
The information above is non-binding best practice recommendations that we have gained through many years of practical experience. If these recommendations do not fit your business model and its structure, we will find a solution to match your needs. Simply contact us at

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