How you can benefit from a "Book" button

Imagine that a potential customer finds your Facebook page, but you do not have a "Book" button set up yet (also called "Call-To-Action" or simply CTA). Customers will have to use a search engine to search for your website and then browse through your site until they find the corresponding offer to make a booking. In any case, the customer has to click their way through your website until they find the booking page. A CTA button significantly shortens this process. The customer is transferred directly to your booking offer, making it more likely for him or her to actually make a booking.
By the way, did you know that you can directly integrate bookingkit in Facebook?

Follow these steps to add a CTA to your Facebook page:

Step 1: Click on "+ Add a Button"

Step 2: Click on "Book with you" and then on "Book now"

Step 4: Test your button

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