bookingkit enables you to market your offer via Viator (TripAdvisor). Viator is the experience marketing portal of TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel website. Become part of this huge community and market your offers easily via Viator on your TripAdvisor rating page.

  • Benefit from 350 million visitors on TripAdvisor & Viator - every month!

  • Market over 3,000 affiliated affiliate websites

  • Let 175,000 affiliated travel agencies book your experiences

  • Negotiated commission - no transaction fees for online payment as it is handled by Viator. (The bookingkit booking fee of 50ct. per participant still applies if get bookings via Viator)

How do I activate Viator in bookingkit?

Important: You have to wait 24 hours to see the changes you make in bookingkit on Viator.

  1. With an account at both Viator and bookingkit you can get the "book now" button on TripAdvisor. All orders that are placed via Viator or TripAdvisor can be easily entered by bookingkit. In order to connect with Viator and TripAdvisor, you need to click on "Activate" in your bookingkit app under the tab Reach > Platforms

2. To link to bookingkit, you need a Viator account. If you don't have one, you can register and find more information about Viator here. Note: Most customers use TripAdvisor to book on Viator. To get the widest possible reach and speed up the Viator connection, register with TripAdvisor here. You must indicate that you use bookingkit as a reservation software here.

3. Once you've registered with Viator as a provider, you can create your experiences in Viator (please note there is a 29 USD cost to upload an experience on Viator). Since the link between Viator and bookingkit is a partial integration, each experience has to be created individually, you cannot transfer the experiences from the bookingkit app.
 >>IMPORTANT: Your experiences in Viator must be clearly assignable to your experiences in bookingkit! So it's best to use the same name and the same picture.

4. Your schedules and prices created in bookingkit must be manually created 1:1 in Viator. Only then will all orders received by Viator be automatically synchronised with bookingkit. Note: start times are always preferred in both bookingkit and Viator.

5. The descriptions of the experiences will be reviewed by Viator editors. For marketing purposes, slight changes may be made. After about 7 days the experiences should be "live". To get the booking option for TripAdvisor, we advice to create all experiences in English in Viator. The Trip Advisor booking option will then be added automatically by Viator. This is recommended because most bookings are made on TripAdvisor.

6. Once your products are live on Viator/Tripadvisor, you can then connect them with bookingkit, you can find more information on how to do so here. Note: You need at least 1 availability in the next 365 days in bookingkit to be able to connect your product. You have to make sure that your schedules and prices in Viator match your schedules and prices in bookingkit. If you make changes in bookingkit you must reflect them in Viator.

Worth knowing

The link with Viator is a partial integration. All bookings made via Viator are transferred to your bookingkit account only if the corresponding event and appointment date matches.
You can market a limited number of seats via Viator using the Quota module, you can find more information on how to do so here.
Note: The final decision on which experiences are published is made by Viator. In general, all providers are accepted.

Whom should I approach?

You can reach Viator colleagues on their customer hotline +49800 184 4973 or via the Viator contact form.

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