GetYourGuide offers a large and wide selection of events and  is one of the strongest players on the market. Take advantage of the large reach of GetYourGuide and increase your sales and open up your customer potential.

How do I activate GetYourGuide in bookingkit?

If you do not have a GetYourGuide Account yet? Register here:

You will be required to fill in some basic information about your business and your contact details. Soon after, GetYourGuide's dedicated team will get in touch with you to help you set up your account and start uploading your tours.

Once your GetYourGuide account has been approved, the first step is to activate activate GetYourGuide directly in your bookingkit account under Marketing > Platforms:

After activating the connection,  we will require your GetYourGuide Supplier Reference number to get the mapping process started. Please send it directly to

You can find it easily in your GetYourGuide Supplier Administration under Settings > Account:

GetYourGuide Self Mapping

In order to successfully complete the connection between GetYourGuide and bookingkit, all your products need to be created in both systems, so that they can be connected to each other afterwards.

Every product you create in GetYourGuide will have one or more options, which will correspond to a unique experience in the bookingkit system.

To start creating products in GetYourGuide, please refer to GetYourGuide's knowledge base to help you set up your products successfully. 

During the product creation in Supplier Administration you will be asked to insert the price of your tour and immediately afterwards the corresponding availability. 

In this step you will be asked if you use a reservation system. Please select 'yes' and select bookingkit from the drop down menu:

If you already work with GetYourGuide and have products online, no reason to worry - you can easily edit the Connectivity settings on option level:

In both cases, in order to successfully map your product to bookingkit, you will need to insert a bookingkit unique product id.

Where to find your bookingkit IDs?

In your bookingkit account you can copy the corresponding bookingkit ID directly in the URL under Experiences, if you open the desired experience in edit mode (simply click on the pen symbol):

By the way: you can also find the bookingkit-ID in the URL directly in the preview of your experiences.

Alternatively, we can also send you an overview of all your bookingkit IDs - just send us an e-mail. Of course we can also help you if you have problems with the mapping

Self mapping is completed once you have assigned the bookingkit ID to the corresponding option in GetYourGuide. If you encounter any issues with the mapping, please visit this page for more information. As soon as your product is approved in GetYourGuide and the connection has been tested, you can start receiving bookings.

Nice to know 

  • It is up to you if you want to set different prices in GetYourGuide than in bookingkit and you can make these changes directly in your GetYourGuide account.
  • GetYourGuide accepts a maximum cut-off time (booking lead time) of 10 hours. If you have set a higher amount your experience won't be displayed in GetYourGuide. You can individually set the cut-off time in GetYourGuide. Log in to your account and open a product, go to the 'Options & Pricing' section. Expand an option and scroll down to 'Booking Engine & Cut-off time. Click on edit and select a cut-off time between 0 and 10 hours.
  • You have the opportunity to sell a limited amount of places on GetYourGuide by activating the module Quota Management. You can find a tutorial here. 

Who can I contact in case I need help?

You can contact GetYourGuide using the following contact form. Select the reason 'I have a question regarding API connection' and GetYourGuide's dedicated connectivity team will get in touch with you.

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