Jollydays has 12 years’ experience in the marketplace, and one million active users in the German-speaking countries. Activate this Premium network today, and optimise your business.

How do I activate Jollydays in bookingkit?

Simply log into your bookingkit account under Marketing > Platforms and click on the green “Activate” button. And your experiences will be linked straight away to Jollydays.

Here’s something worth knowing:

When you link to Jollydays, you will be fully integrated with it. So, if you choose, all your experiences will be linked to Jollydays. Please note that our marketing partner can, of course, choose whether they accept a new supplier into their portfolio or not. Our colleagues at Jollydays will make every effort to ensure that your offer is released within 24 hours. Please note that with Jollydays, settlement is only made on the date the service is provided. So the cash for a booking through Jollydays only appears in your trustee account after the event has taken place. You can also find out here how to adapt your quotas and capacity to the respective marketing partners.

When cancelling the booking, your customer will get a jollydays voucher, which they can use for any for any offer on jollydays or can be even monetary refunded. A cancellation or marketing fee won't charged in such a case.

Who should I contact?

You can contact our colleagues in Jollydays at or by telephone on +49 89 2351 93 431.

Quick tip: If a customer comes straight to you with a Jollydays voucher, without having made an online booking in advance, you can enter this to be redeemed retrospectively at on behalf of your end customer.

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