Here are the differences:


Vouchers can be bought and used later on for an experience. It’s basically a payment method. The vouchers have an absolute sum and generate revenue because they are sold directly. After the experience, if there is a residual balance, this can be used for another booking. Also vouchers which are bought on your website will be shown here. Vouchers however can not be combined with coupons. Did you know that we can import your own voucher codes to bookingkit?


Coupons can be used in a certain amount of time and the same code can be used several times. Normally coupons are used for newsletters or seasonal promotions such as Christmas and Easter. You can either have a percentage or a fix discount. We recommend you to show the coupon codes in your after-sales emails so that you will increase customer loyalty.

Generic voucher

Do you want to sell vouchers on your website? You can do this by creating a generic voucher. Simply create an experience but don’t add any appointments. Please note that customers can’t decide on the value as we know that they tend to enter lower values than those which are preset.

Good to know

Vouchers can be only payed online because the voucher code will be sent directly after paying.

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