Email configuration

Using Email configuration you yourself determine what emails you as the Supplier and your customers receive. Important: Do be sure to activate After-Sales Email also, so that you can improve your ratings on TripAdvisor, Facebook etc. and stimulate further bookings by means of promotional voucher codes.

Additional sales

With the Additional Sales module you can start to sell other products as well as your actual Experiences and vouchers straight away. Offer your customers drinks (packages), merchandise or equipment. As an option, you can of course also offer these by mail order. Be creative and increase your turnover!

Voucher configurator

Are you familiar with the Voucher configurator? Choose from various original designs to make your voucher sales even more attractive. In addition to designs for every occasion, we of course also offer vouchers designed for particular holiday seasons. To provide a customer-friendly and customer-orientated solution, after your customers have bought a voucher they can also choose a different design themselves if they wish.

To use bookingkit in an even more profitable and profit-orientated way, it’s also well worth looking at our ultimate checklist for more online turnover. We would also recommend that you use our numerous prestigious marketing partners - find out everything you need to know here.

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