bookingkit allows you to enable bookings on Facebook for your events. This is an important step given the growing importance of social media such as Facebook.
 Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how to integrate bookingkit into your company page on Facebook.

Attention: Private or personal pages cannot be integrated!
Please also note: Static HTML unfortunately does not work on mobile devices.

 Step 1: If you don't have a Facebook company page yet, you must first create one. Find out here how to create one.
 Step 2: Locate and open the page Static HTML: iframe tabs

Step 3: Add Static HTML to your page by clicking "Add Static HTML to a Page"

Step 4: Select your Facebook company page (1) and add the store from this page (2). You must now activate your account if you have not yet done so.

Step 5: Next, you must set up the online store. To do so, click on "Set up tab"

Step 6: If you are not seeing the items in the picture below, please make sure that the app "Static HTML" is chosen by clicking on "Change app".
After that a new window will open, where you paste the the two lines of HTML code, that you need in order to integrate bookingkit on your website (1). Afterwoods please click on 'Save and Publish' (2). To find out everything else you need to know about integrating HTML code as well as how to integrate just one event, click here.

Step 7: After integrating Static HTML, a new tab, called 'Welcome', appears on your companys facbebook profile. You may of course rename the tab as well as change the position of the tabs.
Therefore please click on 'Settings', afterwoods on 'Edit Page', scroll down to the 'Welcome' tab and click on 'Settings' > 'Edit settings'. Here you may rename the tab and afterwoods also change its position. The following GIF illustrates all the necessary steps:

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