In this article we explain you need to know in order to boost your business with our module 'Cross-Selling'.

  1. What specific benefits will I get through cross-selling?

  2. How do I activate additional sales in bookingkit?

  3. How do I create a new product?

  4. How do I configure my products and quotas?

  5. What will the additional products look like to my customers, and how are they shown in bookingkit?

  6. Worth knowing

  7. What sort of products can I sell?

HINT: Here you will get a clue how to maximise your turn over with bookingkit!

bookingkit gives you the opportunity also to sell other products as well as your own Experiences. Sell, for instance, drinks and merchandise or send vouchers by item. Additional sales, or cross-selling, open up enormous potential for you, and you can significantly increase your turnover again.

What specific benefits will I get through cross-selling?

The greatest benefit is obvious - secure your turnover and significantly increase it! If you offer products online before the actual Experience, you will also open up potential new sales: many customers would probably not have the idea of buying a T-shirt or booking a drinks package themselves. Stimulate additional purchases also by offering the products at a cheaper price online! This is also an opportunity to increase customer loyalty: If you sell merchandise, board games or souvenirs, your customer will take a little bit of your Experience home with him, and it will always remind him of it.

How do I activate additional sales in bookingkit?

Log in to your bookingkit account, and with just one click activate Additional Sales by clicking on “Settings > Module > Additional Sales Module”. 

How do I create a new product?

There’s nothing simpler! Simply click onExperiences > Products then on the green button “Add product”. The next step enables you to name and describe your product, and fix the price and quota. You can also specify whether the product will be sent as an item and a despatch address is necessary. Besides that you can also upload an image. After this, you can fix the conditions attached. Here you can define the Experiences for which the additional product is to be offered to your customers, and even for which price levels. Finally, click on “Add product” again. add-product-additionalsales

How do I configure my products and quotas?

Do you want to keep the summary of your additional products sold, or adjust the quota? No problem! Under Experiences > Products you will find a summary of all your products including the quotas and conditions attached to them. When you click on the pencil, the same window opens as in the screenshot above. You can adjust your quota here, and change the product description or conditions.

What will the additional products look like to my customers, and how are they shown in bookingkit?

Customer view: Your customers will be shown the additional products at a strategically beneficial time during the order process, before they enter their data and are forwarded to Payment.

In the confirmation email which your customers receive, the additional products sold are of course also shown in summary form:

View in bookingkit:  Your additional sales will be displayed to you quite normally in bookingkit under Orders in the respective Order. If the product is one which has to be sent, this will be shown by a small truck symbol (A) alongside it. If you scroll down in the Order-detailed view, you will see an exact view of the respective additional purchases there (B). You can also of course see the turnover generated by additional sales in our Export (Orders).

Here’s something worth knowing:

Of course, no participant fees of 0.50 Euros p.a. are charged for the additional products. The whole order (ie the Experience/voucher and additional service) will, however, incur a transaction charge of 5% or 6%, depending on tariff. Additional sales are just part of the bookingkit checkout, and will not be forwarded to marketing partners. Besides that your cross selling products will not be displayed if your experiences are in request mode.
You have also the option that we inform you via email, when the stocks falls from your cross selling products.

You also have the option of requesting bookingkit to inform you if you are running short of products (1). You can set the number yourself when setting up a product. So from now on you don’t have to actively keep an eye on your stocks, but just re-order when you get an email from us. Incidentally, you can also reactivate expired coupons. To do this, go to the Inactive Coupons and click the pencil icon. After that you have of course one again the opportunity to configure the action coupon.

You can also specify whether a product is to be offered at the checkout, or only used internally, e.g. when setting up manual orders (2).

What sort of products can I sell?

You have lots of options of what to offer your customers. You could offer drinks packages, or snacks, for instance. If you produce merchandise, such as T-shirts or mugs, sell it online via bookingkit! And obviously things like equipment, board games or adventure boxes are also a possibility. Be creative and increase your turnover! And by the way: we would just like to explain again the difference between Experiences, vouchers and products.

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