bookingkit offers the possibility to sell your experiences on mydays - the biggest distribution channel in the German-speaking market. mydays yearly attracts 25 Mio website visitors, and has 65.000 Facebook fans and 335.000 newsletter subscribers and specializes in the emotional marketing of different experiences as gifts. By activating mydays you can attract a huge audience and develop new customer segments. Start selling right away!

  1. How do I activate mydays on bookingkit?
  2. How is the mydays billing process? 

How do I activate mydays on bookingkit?

Simply log into your bookingkit account under Marketing > Platforms and click on “activate”. Confirm the activation in the pop-up window.

A mydays account is required to link bookingkit to mydays.

I don’t have a mydays Account yet

mydays will contact you after the activation to discuss the commission and your offer of activities. After signing the contract, mydays will create a supplier account with your activities for you. As soon as you have the supplier account, you can connect mydays to bookingkit by following the steps described in this article.  

I already have a mydays account
Navigate in your mydays Account to “Partner menu” > bookingkit

Step 1: Click on the tab "bookingkit"

Step 2: Click on "Connect now"

Step 3: Log in with your bookingkit login data. A list of your experiences will appear.

Step 4: Assign your bookingkit experiences to your mydays experiences by selecting the experience.

Step 5: Save your settings and both accounts will be synchronized. 

How is the mydays billing process? 

a) Billing with the app > Recommendation 

  • Download the mydays partner app (iOS / Android
  • Scan the tickets on-site> the booking code will be transferred to mydays directly
  • Request payment via the mydays backend (possible at any time, mydays pays until the 15th of the month)

Note: in bookingkit the booking will remain to be marked as "unpaid" because the billing process is driven by mydays.

b) Billing by manually entering codes

  • collect mydays coupons from customers
  • look for name of customer in bookingkit
  • type in the booking code at "security code" 
  • Request payment via the mydays backend (possible at any time, mydays pays until the 15th of the month)

Nice to know:

The connection with mydays is a partial integration. That means your bookingkit appointments will automatically be transferred and synchronized with mydays. All bookings made on the platform will be transferred and visible in your bookingkit account.

It is possible to limit the number of tickets you sell via mydays. In order to manage your quotas you have to activate the module Quota Management. Here is a tutorial.

Note: The final decision as to which experiences are published is the responsibility of mydays. Usually all providers are being accepted.

Who can I contact?

You can contact mydays at . Of course, you can contact us at at any time.

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