a) Booking date (=when do I get the order)
b) Date service performed (=when do I have to provide the service which I am being paid for)

The calendar view at https://eu5.bookingkit.de/calendar/index shows Option b), all vouchers are added together on the basis of the date booked.The view of bookings reflects level a).
As far as the dashboard statistics are concerned, we show orders booked with vouchers in this way because using this view enables you to get a picture of the overall volume of bookings. In reverse, vouchers are shown here “in duplicate” - 1 x as a voucher and 1 x as turnover for a booked date.
If we were only to enter this turnover in the statistics on the date of purchase of the voucher, orders which are paid in full with a voucher would show up as 0 Euros turnover on that date.
(Which would be identical to if the provider offered a discount of 100% and therefore granted a free booking. That would be misleading, which is why we decided to show it like this.)

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