When you offer direct debit as a payment option, there is generally a low risk that your end customer may cancel the direct debit mandate and thereby cancel the payment. Sometimes this might also be the case with credit card or Sofortüberweisung (online direct debit) payments. You can read further useful information about direct debits here. You can find our why we nevertheless recommend that you offer direct debit as a payment option in our Blog article.

But what exactly happens if my customer now cancels the debit ?

If your customer completely cancels the debit and has the amount credited back to their account or credit card, we will inform you accordingly by email. The order will of course still be active in the system, but we recommend that you cancel the booking or credit voucher, and contact the end customer directly to clarify payment. It is unfortunately not possible to debit the bank account again, but the customer can either book again online or you can set up a manual booking after clarifying the circumstances.

If your customer contests the direct debit with their bank, we will be informed accordingly by our payment provider MangoPay by email. We will then take care of correspondence with the customer’s bank and will send the latter records of the booking made (invoice, confirmation email). If the customer or their bank then still refuses payment, we proceed exactly as already described above.

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