In general a distinction is made under this heading between the following five export options:

  • a) Orders - Export your orders, import into systems such as Mailchimp or Cleverreach. 
  • b) Services - Export your orders conveniently by service date. 
  • c) Vouchers - You may even display which voucher was redeemed with which order.
  • d) Voucher redemption - Export all your vouchers and find out with which order and when it was redeemed anyway how much of the voucher was charged. 
  • e) Coupons - Export your promotional vouchers including all relevant information. 
  • f) Document archive (zip) - Export all records for a particular booking period conveniently as ZIP archives. 

f) Document archive (zip)

Our document archive allows you to download all invoices, vouchers and payment notices (included in invoice PDFs) that were generated in a certain time period. The invoices don't just contain the latest invoice, but all invoices that were ever generated, e.g.after editing invoice related data.

  1. Under “Statistics”, -> “Export”  -> “Document archive (zip)” select the required booking period. 
  2. Which documents are to be included in the ZIP file? Only invoices, or also vouchers? 
  3. One click on the “Generate export” button creates the file in .zip format. Please note that creating the archive file can take several hours, depending on the number of files. You will receive an email notification as soon as the process is completed. 
  4. Previous exports will be saved for a period 30 days directly in bookingkit and can be called up again there at any time.
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