Our experience shows that from time to time these two concepts are used synonymously, although they are both, of course, distinct terms and mean something completely different. This is the same in bookingkit:


If you cancel, you can of course choose whether a refund is to be given or not. And at any time you can specify the amount and form in which this is to happen (cash refund or by voucher).

You can cancel either thewhole order (1), an individual booking (2), a whole date or one or more participants (3) - with or without a refund.


You can also, of course, refund money to your customers without cancelling the order, for instance if a customer brings a voucher with him to the venue, and wants to redeem it. Simply add this to the order (by clicking on “Process”) and reimburse your customer the appropriate amount by clicking on the green button “Refund” (4).

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