You now have the opportunity to offer your customers professional tickets. When this module is activated, the tickets will be sent automatically as a pdf with the confirmation email, and can be called up again in your end customer’s summary of services.

  1. Activate the ticket module

  2. Configure your tickets

  3. Validate your tickets

  4. Integrate your barcodes into all current entry systems

1. Activate Ticket Module in your bookingkit-Account

Log in to your bookingkit account, and underSettings  go to > Module . Activate the “Tickets” module there with just one click.

2. Configure your Tickets

Under Customization -> Ticket configuration you can process your ticket settings and displays. Either overall or at experience level. You can also select from several ticket templates, choose to show the venue for your experience and any additional information.

3. Validate your Tickets

With our practical and free bookingkit app, you can easily scan and validate your tickets. Learn more about it here. 

4. Integrate your barcodes into all common entry systems

Of course, you can also export your ticket codes (under Statistics > Export > Services) and then integrate these into standard access control systems such as Korona and Skidata. If you have any questions on this, we will be pleased to provide further assistance. Simply send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What do the tickets look like from the customer’s perspective?

You can see a preview of your tickets at any time under Customization -> Ticket configuration. The tickets make an ideal gift, as only the name of the participant, the payment status, date and venue are shown on the ticket.

You can contact us with queries by email at any time

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