Concentrated marketing power with bookingkit

Do you want more reach for your experience offers or simply want to generate additional income? With our new recommendation marketing this is child's play! Find out here what exactly it's all about and how you can polish up your business in just a few steps:

Please note that this function only works with bookingkit 2.0 and newer!

1. Market local experiences?

bookingkit offers you the chance to take advantage of our large and versatile repertoire of providers and thus quite simply generate additional income and synergies.
The idea is very simple: As a city guide in Berlin, for example, you can offer your customers the possibility to book additional experiences, such as a ride in the famous balloon. The other way round, you can also market your activities through other adventure providers. One hand washes the other - true to the motto: Think global, act local!

2. Hard facts

  • Earn 7% commission for every additional experience sold by another vendor without doing anything for it. 
  • Generate additional bookings and gain a new customer base by having your activities marketed by friendly suppliers. 
  • You will be shown experiences and partners within a radius of 30 km. 
  • The experiences to be marketed are displayed to the end customers in the checkout on the thank you page, in the confirmation email and in the service overview (max. three experiences - randomly selected).

Optional: You can also display the additional experiences directly in the widget overview in the frontend (max. three experiences - randomly selected).

3. How it works?

Activate our marketing network:

 If not already done, activate the bookingkit marketing network under Marketing > Platforms. Alternatively, you can also do this directly under Marketing > Market Local Experiences:

By the way: If you only want to market the activities of other providers, you do not need to activate our marketing network. In this case you can unfortunately not be listed with our other partners.

Choose which experiences you would like to market additionally:

 Under Marketing > Promote Local Experiences you can choose different partners within a radius of 30 km from the bookingkit inventory, which will then be displayed to your end customers in the checkout, the order confirmation and in the service overview:

Manage your adventure catalog:

 In the experience catalogue, you will see the experiences that have been selected for marketing. Of course you can deactivate individual experiences as well as the entire experience catalogue at any time.

4. Interesting facts

What happens if I receive a new booking through a partner from the bookingkit inventory?

The booking is handled like an order through one of our marketing platforms. Instead of transaction fees you pay a small 10% commission. In addition, the booking will appear in your bookingkit account as a regular booking, of course with the appropriate indication that it comes from the marketing network (channel: marketing network).

Can I control the contingent to be played out to other providers?

This is also possible. With our allocation tool you can determine how many seats are to be played out on the experience and date level. The corresponding channel is our marketing network.

Can I also search for providers or experiences?

 That is of course no problem. Simply search for a keyword, experience or provider name in the search bar in the top right-hand corner:

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