In this way you will not only reach more customers, but also customers who do not book online, or simply prefer a traditional travel agency. Increase sales with just one click, and activate our travel agency network.

  1. How do I activate the travel agency network?

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  3. Who should I contact?

How do I activate the travel agency network?

Nothing could be simpler! Simply log into bookingkit and activate the travel agency network by simply clicking on Marketing > Platforms:

Here’s something worth knowing

Our travel agency network is a fully integrated network. So you only have to activate the platform, and your experiences will be on offer immediately in thousands of travel agencies worldwide. Your availability data and quotas will of course always be synchronised, as usual, so that you can’t overbook. You can of course decide for yourself about the quota to be marketed in this case also.

After the platform is activated, staff in the agencies can call up your experiences on their systems, and sell them directly to customers as additional holiday features. The money received for the order will be credited to your trustee account directly two days after the booking. If there is a cancellation, or change in the booking, the respective agency staff will inform you about it by email.

Who should I contact?

If you have any further questions about this, or if anything is unclear, we will be pleased to help you at any time!

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