We recommend the following for processing bookings made with voucher codes:

Refer customers from the voucher provider to the booking options on your website. Don't use the provider's calendar tool to save yourself from managing appointments twice and the extra administrative burden for low-margin bookings. Turn these customers into new regulars!
Ask the voucher providers for a list of all generated voucher codes and then import them into bookingkit. Simply send us a CSV or Excel file that contains the codes and the actual value of the event (not the price of the voucher). After successfully being imported, they can then be found under bookingkit -> "Orders" -> "Vouchers".
Customers who purchased a voucher code via the voucher provider can now easily make a booking on your website for the respective appointment. No overbooking can take place. Once a voucher code was redeemed in its entirety without any remaining value, it will also disappear from the overview under "Orders" -> "Vouchers" and cannot be redeemed again.
This allows you to keep track of how many vouchers from your voucher campaign can still be redeemed. Remember to note the security code of the voucher for appointments that take place (provision of service) for billing the voucher provider.

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