A distinction is made between 2 types of experience: 

Active experiences:

Are used as part of the 2-line code for integrating into your website under "Marketing" (e.g. as part of the overview page of all active event)

Inactive experiences:

These can be edited and modified as needed, but the code for integrating onto your website will not be is not used in "Marketing". For example, a seasonal event like a ski course that is offered in the winter, where as in the summer, a Nordic walking course is offered instead.

This setting can be changed at any time for each event by clicking "Enable" or "Disable". With the "Preview" button, you can view the event as your customers would see it. Clicking on the event allows you to edit it.

Currently it is not possible to delete events; however, we recommend overwriting events you no longer need.

Filter on experience level

Did you already know, that we have a filter on experience level?

Further articles on sorting, different experience durations, price lists and experience categories

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