Generally speaking, a distinction is made between the following five export options in this section:

  • a) Orders - Export your orders, for instance to import into systems like Mailchimp or Cleverreach. 
  • b) Services - Export your orders according to date the service is performed 
  • c) Vouchers - Export all your vouchers. You can also ask to see which voucher was redeemed with which order 
  • d) Promotional vouchers - Export your promotional vouchers including all relevant information 
  • e) Records archive (zip) - Export all records for a particular booking period conveniently as ZIP archives.
  • f) Document archive (zip) - Export all receipts of any booking period conveniently as a ZIP archive.

c) Vouchers

  1. Under “Statistics, -> “Export” -> “Vouchers” select the required booking period. 
  2. The export automatically pre-selects basic content such as value voucher code, title and value. You can also add additional columns such Description, Create Date or Channel to your Export. To do this, simply mark the corresponding fields in the “available fields” box with the mouse, and move to the “selected fields” box using the blue arrow. 
  3. Also select the export format. The options are Excel, CSV and PDF. 
  4. One click on the “Generate export” button creates the file in the chosen format. 
  5. If you have selected the format CSV, for instance, these guidelines will show you how to put the content into table form using the “Text in columns” function.

If you have any further questions, we will be happy to help you.

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