With bookingkit you can sell experiences as well as vouchers and additional products. Here are the differences:


In bookingkit you can easily make your experiences, i.e. the (leisure) activities you offer, bookable online. If you create an appointment definition for your experiences, they can either be booked online or your customers can request them. You can easily set this in your bookingkit account under Experiences for the respective experience by clicking on the blue Edit button.


Your customers can buy a voucher for all your experiences. So for each price category that you have created in your experiences, your customers can also purchase a voucher for the same value. In addition, it makes sense to create a generic voucher, an experience without date definition, through which your customers can then buy vouchers.


During the ordering process, you can also sell your customers some additional products such as but not limited to: drinks and beverage packages, merchandise or equipment. Use this advantage and increase your sales significantly. You can always add and edit those additional products in your bookingkit account under Experiences > Products.

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